Focus Group Camera Club

The History of FGCC


Early in 1989 protracted conversations among friends, about needing to get out and shoot more and to overcome inertia, crystallized into forming a group, the Focus Group Camera Club. The purpose of the Club was to learn more about photography and to inspire each other.

Members have arranged field trips locally but also to Washington, D.C., Florida, the Great Smoky Mountains, and Martha’s Vineyard. Far away trips happen as the spirit moves us, other field trips are planned ahead such as going to Upper Brandon, Morvan, the Richard Thompson Wildlife Management Area or the Skyline Drive. We also travel in small groups to local sites like the Flood Wall, and Curles Neck Farm.

Each year we have an annual exhibit and a reception for family and friends and professionals in the community displaying what we consider our best photographs of the year.  The first Exhibit was held at the James Center in 1990 where we have had one ever since. The Club has also held a number of community seminars. We have had John Shaw, Freeman Patterson, and Jim Zuckerman make presentations and twice we have had John Shaw, on a second day, instruct us in the field.

In the 1990s, imperceptibly at first, members began dabbling in digital photography and now most of the members are shooting and printing digitally. The Club currently maintains this website and our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/focusgroupcameraclubva/.


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