Bob Jones

I have had an interest in photography since I acquired my first Kodak Brownie 620 black and white roll film camera in High School in Rumford, Maine.  My interest was ignited by the many photo albums my mother kept of family activities with photos taken with a Kodak bellows camera. Ten years later I acquired my first 35 mm range finder camera, a now extinct model – a Lord IV B with a 35 mm wide angle lens.  My longing for a single lens reflex camera was fulfilled when, following graduation from graduate school, I found a used Miranda with several lenses as well as extension tubes.  After  several years I replaced the Miranda with a Cannon AE1, when the focal plane cloth shutter wore out, and in the early 90’s I replace the Cannon with a Nikon 90s.  I switched to Nikon digital (a D100) in 2004 following an expedition to Antarctica where I shot 65 rolls of film.  Since retirement in 2000 my photo activity has increased significantly with an emphasis on wildlife and close up nature photography as well as family gatherings. I have taken three Photo Expeditions with Lindblad to improve my wildlife photography skills particularly with digital. I look forward to my membership in the FGCC as a way of improving my skill and enjoyment of photography through association with a group of skilled armature photographers.

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