Ralph Sell

While attending high school near Allentown , Pennsylvania , a photojournalist uncle started my interest in photography with an enlarger and his stash of out-of-date black and white chemicals and paper.  Uncle Gerry’s Speed Graflex shots of family and events still sparkle and inspire.  By the late 1960s while in the US Army, I acquired a Pentax Spotmatic.  This camera and related lenses photographed with me from Germany to Morocco .  After graduate study at Penn State , during a mid-1980s teaching stint in Cairo , Egypt , the Spotmatic went missing.  Point and shoot family, pets and travel dominated the next 20 years of picture taking, mainly with several Canon film and digital cameras.  The digital conversion and enhancement of the resulting slides and photos reacquainted me with the creative powers of photography.  It also answered my wife’s questions about why we kept dragging along all those old unused Pentax lenses.  They’re now attached to a Pentax K10D SLR and used to explore how high dynamic rage and tone mapping techniques can present common-place subjects in engaging ways.  The Focus Group CC photographers’ interests will certainly expand my project with their diverse and stimulating insights into the creative power of images. http://ralph-r-sell-photography.smugmug.com

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