FGCC PROJECT Submissions

Project and Roundtable Submission Guidelines

Image Guidelines

FOcus Group ImageThe following are the guidelines for submitting images for monthly meeting presentations:
1. Images should be at the maximum size of 1280 pixels wide or a maximum of 800 pixels high. Set to a PPI of either 72 or not more than 100. Normally members submit 5 images or less for the Roundtable.
2. Images should be saved in JPG FORMAT with a high quality setting (9 or 10). Images should be sRGB. Use Photoshop, Camera Raw, Lightroom or other image editor to CONVERT to this profile. (In Photoshop, make sure you "convert to profile" and not "assign profile".)

3. File naming convention should be "yourlastname2016May01.jpg". Use only lower case letters, with no spaces in the file name and the .jpg extension. The order in which you number your images is the order in which they will appear. (Change the year and month abbreviation accordingly.) Do not add any spaces, hyphens, or other abbreviations. As an example: jones2016May01.jpg,  jones2016May02.jpg, etc. Note that renaming can be automated in Bridge, Camera Raw, and Lightroom, as well as other apps.

About The FGCC Roundtable

Roundtable is part of our regular meeting. Images are normally in digital format. Prints are occasionally presented during the "Show and Tell" portion of the meeting. If you have film (slides) have them scanned and present as digital images.
The purpose of Roundtable is to provide our members an opportunity to share images and information. Members can show some of their work and offer a very brief story about images presented. The subject is up to the member - one subject or several are acceptable. Often members select what they feel are a few of their best images from their recent shooting experiences. However, the time allowed for comment or discussion will be a set time to limit the total Roundtable period as necessary.

Digital images for Roundtable should be sent by one of two methods by Monday evening before the meeting so they can be loaded onto the Club Computer.

Method 1) Dropbox (the preferred method). To prepare for this, send an email roundtable@focusgroupcc.comand request access to Dropbox. You will receive an invite from Dropbox via email to join the FGCC folder. You will then have to register for Dropbox (if you are not already a member).
Next you need to join the FGCC folder via instructions provided in the Dropbox email. After that is successful, you have two choices:
A) Upload your files to the FGCC folder on the Dropbox website.
B) Install the desktop software (available on the Dropbox website) on your computer. You will then be able to simply drop the files into the FGCC folder on your desktop, or move/copy them there using Adobe Bridge.
Choice B) is much easier, but if you don't want to install the software you have the other option.

After the files reach the FGCC folder on the Dropbox website they will be available to anyone who has joined the folder. The projectionist will remove the files as soon as they have been copied to the FGCC computer.

Method 2) by email to roundtable@focusgroupcc.com. Make sure to attach the files, not insert them into the body of the email. The filenames are lost if this is done, and some programs reduce the size or jpeg quality. Some email programs automatically zip all your files, which takes time to unzip and save. That happens mostly with Macs, but Windows computers will do that as well unless opted out.. Use Dropbox to avoid these problems. Dropbox does not modify the files in any way, or zip them.

Show and Tell

This is a portion of the FGCC meeting where members may wish to discuss photo problems, show new gear, introduce new shooting locations, discuss technique as well as post processing approaches, how to accomplish common tasks, and problems. This is a good time to show prints as well.


Critiques are scheduled as Special Events usually once per year and involve the use of outside photographic experts to provide the critique of images submitted by the members for this specific purpose. The exact parameters, number of files, naming system, etc., may differ depending on the critiquer, but the digital files should be prepared as described for the Roundtable. You may want to submit only your best, or use this opportunity for constructive criticism on your image design or technical factors.



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